The Progression to Online Slots

Slot machines have a long and colorful history, dating back to its invention in San Francisco in 1887. A young mechanic of only 29 years, Charles Fey is credited with the first machine that was named the Liberty Bell. This machine featured three reels and used images of star, horseshoe and the like.

Several iterations, enhancements and alterations of the machine have happened since. Poker hands were introduced though it lacked a pay out mechanism. More silent and electric machines were also produced. Even the designs and themes were tweaked., along with the materials used in their manufacture.

The passing of time saw the increasing popularity of slots and by 1940, they were featured in select Las Vegas casinos. By then, more modern modifications were pioneered such as a safer receptacle for coins that also displayed the coins as they were wagered. Aesthetic changes were also brought in, including the use of symbols still acceptable today, like fruits.

Even in this modern day, slot machines are still such a crowd favorite that it would be impossible to find a casino that does not feature it. It would even be more likely that a casino would have several variations and versions of it.

Advances in technology have meant that game rooms are no longer just brick and mortar establishments, but virtual reality as well. More and more people are participating in gaming because they can now do so in the comfort and convenience of their private sanctuaries. It is not surprising that a crowd favorite in the real world would attract as much following in cyberspace. Thus, online slots have taken their rightful spot in the virtual gaming industry. If you use today the free spins bonuses by Sloto Cash Casino, you can try out for free the most trending slot game titles and keep what you win. Slots games are the most lucrative casino game, and now you have the chance of playing them for free.

Online slots are a natural progression from slot machines and take full advantage of the upgrades undergone by such. From the earlier model of the electric machine, the dollar machine came out and, in 1980, the video poker version. This served as a launch pad for the introduction of more complex innovations which allow the players the ability to enjoy playing with different denominations, have multiple pay lines and choose from several games and bonuses. Graphics and sound effects have also improved accordingly. Thankfully, all these bells and whistles have not compromised the basics of a fair and safe play.